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but please, don't add me if you don't plan on being interested in my journal, or if you're looking for graphics.
You won't get on my loved list by just being my lj-friend.


FRIENDS CUT [9.01.2009]

If you see find yourself reading this entry again, it means I've cut you from my friendslist, although I don't mean anything personal by it. Most of you I've cut because I find myself disagreeing with what you had to say in your journals [which is no fault of yours, different strokes for different folks, right?] or largely because you either don't update your journals anymore, or that I skip over your entries all the time, or you've expressed no real interest in mine - so in that case, there's no real reason to keep you. However, if you'd like to be re-added, or you think I've made an accident, either lj-message me or leave a comment. I don't like friends cuts really, so if you'd like to be re-added, I'll gladly plonk you back on the list because hey, the reason for the disinterest could very well be mine as well. :] I hope you don't find yourself offended by this, and as always, I wish you all the best, really, and thank you for sharing a part of your life with me. God bless, and ciao bellas. :]