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All I ever craved were the two dreams I shared with you-

for yours I truly wish to be.

Search for beauty, find your shore.
31 January 1990

Sail your sea, meet your storm
A chinky eyed Asian who can't walk on horizontal surfaces, but yet she ice-skates? A constant jetsetter. Rainy days make her dance. She wants to camp out in a museum overnight. Quirky and easily distracted. A new box of colors, or paints makes her day. Quote-collector and an easy-laugher. Can be found napping on her trampoline. Book worm - a good night is spent with a book in hand, and her dog asleep on her foot. Her logic is just a little out of this world [Oh heil Hitler!]. She writes to breathe . Collector of rainbow toe-socks. Letter-writer. She's both ends of the spectrum. Scatter-brained and messy. Did broadway throw up in here? Can't sleep without a blanket. Incredibly fond of using far too many British phrases [Cor, blimey!], engage her in conversation at your own risk. The Victoria is prone to impulsive actions and occasionally forgetting where she last left her mind - perhaps in her sock drawer? Loud. Short. Very loud. Very short. Doesn't normally talk about herself in third person [but my, isn't it fun?] Her ipod consists of everything from classical music, japanese pop and heavy metal [Don't be fooled by the sparkly]. Passionate and stubborn, for better or for worse. A sometime mistake-maker, you may clonk her when this happens. Not afraid to say "I'm sorry". A slice of humble-pie tastes very good, you know. The Victoria is a door-walkerinner, lover of corny jokes, and may be spied drawing suspicious mustaches on the likes of sleeping friends, and on her unsuspecting German boyfriend. Most of all, she's a Water- baby. .

Note: All graphics found on this livejournal are made by me - unless otherwise stated. Please do not steal them, they are for personal use only. If warning is not heeded, wrath in the form of irritated chipmunks may befall you. Don't underestimate them. [but really, some respect goes a long way, so please don't lift any graphics.]
All I want is to be your harbour.
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